The case for the argumentative theory of reason, as made by The Office

Credit: Victor Garcia/Unsplash

If the individual doesn’t exist, neither can achievement

Credit: John Thomas/Unsplash

Under COVID-19, we’re all communists. As we emerge from the pandemic, amidst everything we’d rather forget, this might be worth remembering

Credit: Tech Daily/Unsplash

How the end of Trump’s blog made me rethink my approach to writing full-time

Credit: visuals/Unsplash

A totally fictional — but simultaneously true! — portrayal of one Irish elk’s experience with uncertainty, mimicry, envy, and burnout in an alternative Silicon Valley

Antlerz’ updated marketing collateral. Illustration: author

Fueled by uncertainty and envy, burnout is a condition that is both uniquely human and profoundly misunderstood

Photo: Jon Feingersh Photography Inc/DigitalVision/Getty Images

A runaway competition for social status that can’t be won puts us all in a killer race to the bottom

Credit: Isaac Jenks/Unsplash

The endlessly condescending sharing of their recent campaign against meth abuse is exactly the point.

Branding — in business and in nature — isn’t going away

Photo by Vittorio Zamboni

Kraft-Heinz’s Evolv is using the algorithmic analysis pioneered by tech companies to help us plan our meals

Photo: Joel Sharpe/Getty Images

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